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We ensure data fidelity with a proven process for moving your products and data between new and existing environments. 

Still using Atlassian Server Products?

If your organization is still running Atlassian Server products, there’s something you should know. Atlassian has discontinued the server versions of these products in favor of Cloud and Data Center versions. Support for server products ends soon. The good news is: we can help.

days of server support remaining.
Atlassian server product support ended on Feb. 2, 2024. Upgrade to cloud today.
Our proven cloud migration method works to ensure all marketplace app data gets handled intelligently (especially for apps without cloud equivalents) and makes its way into the Cloud as seamlessly as possible. Try our free cloud migration assessment tool to see how complex your migration might be.

Server to Cloud. Server to Data Center. Cloud to Cloud...

We’ve facilitated data migration projects for many great companies, each with their own unique circumstances. 


Caseware’s migration consisted of a very large and complex instance. Their server environment had been extensively customized with multiple scripting and automation Apps that don’t have Cloud equivalents, leading our team to source alternative cloud-friendly functionality.

Wawanesa Insurance
Wawanesa Mutual Insurance possessed a large, complex Data Center environment. This business critical system with over 1,000 Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence users deployed extensive customization. Wawanesa possessed an extremely large and complex data shape due to Apps, heavy use of attachments, and high project and issue counts.
Kootenay Savings Credit Union
Kootenay Credit Union required migration of their legacy Jira Software instance including necessary pre-migration upgrades and data clean up as well as post migration App configuration.
Exiger’s final Cloud solution was somewhat unique; they enlisted Avant to tackle a need to merge two Cloud instances amidst extensive use of Marketplace App customizations.

Ready to make the jump?

Avant Systems Group is an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, with years of expertise in providing and supporting our clients with Atlassian implementations all over North America. Join our growing family of clients and set your organization up for success. 

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