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Senior Systems Administrator

This position reports to the Director of IT and Systems Integration. The primary purpose of this position is to assist in the maintenance and enhancement of the technology infrastructure, both software and hardware, which supports both the internal needs for operating and administrating the business and supports the client product offerings such as applications development, systems integration, and application hosting and management. This position requires that the employee comply with the Avant On Call policies and procedures for after work hours’ support.

Principal Responsibilities

Systems Administration

  • Assist in the maintenance and upgrade of all current equipment and make recommendations on new computer equipment and infrastructure-related hardware.
  • Assist staff with any technical problems related to infrastructure and outside services (I.E. telephones, printers, battery backups, etc).
  • Maintain and enhance firewalls, system security processes, and procedures.
  • Administer user logon/passwords across the full range of equipment and systems.
  • Maintain a level of security necessary to satisfy all client requirements or the minimum required to satisfy all relevant regulations (privacy, insurance, etc.)
  • Data backup service: Perform the data backup and recovery procedures for both internal and client needs. Restore data as required.
  • Database management: Provide technical support for database installation, configuration, snapshots, and administration.
    • Includes providing support for the product development team including quality assurance, project development and client “sandboxing”.
    • Additionally, includes database maintenance, cleanup, backup and restoration, fine-tuning and optimization.
  • Internal systems support: development of internal business systems through facilitating new initiatives, application installation, configuration, testing and reporting.
  • Incident Reporting: Use the Incident Reporting System to record infrastructure incidents/events and as a source of outstanding support work.
  • Infrastructure Support: All of the activities encompassed in providing the network and workstation deployment, including; cabling, rewiring of existing network routes, user workstation setup, moving racks, deploying new hardware, power management devices, A/C management, heating controls and general server room maintenance.
  • Technology Development: Take part in software development technology discussions and assist with implementation activities related to systems architecture, new technologies and applied research and development.
  • Maintenance and Diagnostics: Develop maintenance and faultfinding procedures for infrastructure assets. This includes maintenance of the appropriate section of the corporate Business Continuity Plan.
  • I.T. Asset Management: Assist with inventory management, license management, and associated vendor management.
  • Budgeting: Assist with the development of infrastructure budgets.
  • On-call support
    Development, configuration and management of virtualization offerings (in-house, private cloud, public cloud)
  • Consulting and Client Support
  • Software Products: Install and support all partner software used and distributed by Avant.
  • Upgrades and Migrations: Provide upgrades and migration services for clients
  • Client Support: Provide a full range of system administration and partner software installation and support services.
  • Training: Provide training material development and training services for partner software as required.
  • Sales engineering: Contribute to the development of estimates, proposals and RFP responses in terms of the technical solutions required.
  • External services: Assist external clients with system administrator services as detailed by Director of Information Technology.
  • On-call support.

Other Duties

  • The Systems Administrator may be asked to undertake ancillary tasks to support new programs and business goals as and when necessary.
  • In addition to the above specific principle responsibilities, the incumbent is required to adhere to the Avant Values.

Education Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Vocational School or some college courses
  • Associate’s Degree, Trade, or Technical School
  • Avant requires all staff to undertake 40 hours per year in self-development and/or courses that lead to certification in areas related to the role.

Qualifications and Experience


  • Must be familiar with a systems administration role previously with exposure to both Microsoft Windows and Unix (Linux) operating system environments.


  • Has ability to deal with internal and external customers’ issues and take to the next level of detail if an immediate solution is not apparent.


  • Must have performed a similar role for a minimum of two to five years (excluding formal education period).
  • Be familiar with software update (patches and new releases) process, installation, version control and documentation.
  • Be familiar with data backup and recovery processes and procedures.
  • Customer facing experience and ability to directly support at both technical and non-technical internal and external customers.

Communication Requirements

  • This position requires communication skills in the following areas
    • One-way – must be able to accurately record co-worker and customer information, and other related data.
    • Two-way – must be able to communicate with co-workers and customers in a clear, concise, friendly, and professional manner in order to provide service and gather necessary information.
    • Written – must be able to document and present recommendations and procedures using standard templates.


  • Decision Making
  • Reports to the Systems admin team lead.
  • Assignments can come from other members of the Executive team.

Working Conditions

Physical Requirements

  • This position requires the ability to
    • Maintain active customer and employee communication during working shifts.
    • Access, input, and retrieve information from the computer system.
    • Enter alpha-numeric data into a computerized system
    • in order to perform system administrative tasks.

Lift and Carry Requirements

  • This position requires lifting and carrying of computer equipment (monitors, server boxes, printers etc.) and office equipment in excess of 45 lbs.

Equipment Requirements

  • This position involves active use of the following tools and equipment
    • File and application servers
    • Personal computers and laptops
    • Telephone and cell phone
    • Printer, copier, and shredder
    • DVD CD burner
    • Tape backup drive system

Environmental Requirements

  • This position requires exposure to the following conditions:
    • Indoor controlled temperatures, and environmentally controlled server room.
    • Office environment.
    • LCD monitor.

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